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Disobedient Daughters


Disobedient Daughters is an ongoing project bringing together the works of female and non-binary artists to critically examine stereotypical images of Asian women in a global context.

Featuring artists Lara Chamas, Sab D’Souza, Shivanjani Lal, Gwan Tung Dorothy Lau, Janelle Low, Andy Mullens, Sancintya Mohini Simpson, Ellen Yeong Gyeong Son, Zoe Wong and Meng-Yu Yan. With an introductory text by Michelle Law and contributions by writers Manisha Anjali, Mariam Arcilla, Shu-Ling Chua, Mindy Gill, Madison Griffiths, Leah Jing McIntosh, Jinghua Qian, Soo-Min Shim, Darlene Silva Soberano and Yen-Rong Wong.

Edited by Sophia Cai and designed by Joy Li
Softcover, 52 pages, 25 x 18 cm
ISBN 978-0-6487040-2-7